Anita, 20; Vermont. This is personal. Hakuna Mattata.


if you step on the back of my shoe and it comes off I will do the same thing to ur head


apparently it’s nineteen fucking twenty

Every fucking day, at Aubuchons. This is so accurate OMG. One older lady that works there almost quit because like five different men came in and she asked if they needed any help and they either ignored her of said “no thanks, I’ll find a man that can help” like really? And it’s really funny because one guy was like well I’ll go ask one of the men if they know where one is, and he asked the new guy who didn’t know shit, and he went up to her and asked her, she said no, we do not, the guy turned and thanked the new guy, and left. Woman are sometimes the better choice. There was also an instance when a lady came to see us, it was just us girls and she asked if we could cut a piece of plexy glass and drill holes in it. We said of course we can. She said “thank god, the men at the other hardware store in town said they couldn’t do it. And then she took our picture and posted it on the library’s Facebook page, because she needed it for the public library. Seriously, me just don’t fricken get that woman are smart too like damn. End rant.


yesterday i was depressed and my boyfriend told me this